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Step 1 - Privacy and Data Usage

Sign up for an account to enable you to manage your Grant Applications, Projects and claims.

The information you will provide will be used to administer Grant Applications and Grant Claims, as well as enabling project management and collaboration.

Your name and organisation will be shared with other Project Portal users associated with the Grant Applications/Projects on which you are named.

You may choose whether you wish the system to approve any requests for you to be added to a Project by default, or whether you would prefer to individually approve each request. The same is the case for whether your contact details are displayed to others on those Projects.

Sustrans is committed to protecting your privacy and we work in full compliance with Data Protection legislation. We will only share your personal data when you provide us with your explicit consent to do so, or when legally required. However we may share your details with carefully selected third party suppliers (data processors) working on our behalf. You have the right to access and update the data we have about you. Our Data Protection and Privacy Policy explains your rights, who has access to your data and how we safeguard your personal data.

Sustrans Project Portal Usage Agreement and Data Preferences
Please select the options below to which you agree.

In order to complete registration and use the Project Portal, you must confirm that you understand the reason for registration and why you must submit your details. If you do not understand, please review the introduction text on this page, and if you have any further questions, please contact Sustrans Scotland on 0131 346 1384.

It is not possible for you to register on and use the Portal without agreeing to the above. The privacy statement outlines the minimum data sharing requirements for applying for grants from Sustrans, and therefore for using the Project Portal.

If you need to discuss any aspect of this before agreeing, please contact Sustrans Scotland on 0131 346 1384

As you have already been pre-registered by another user, a restricted account already exists against your email address. Would you like to de-activate the account?

The Project Portal grants access to Projects through the assignment of individuals to each Project. A person who is assigned to a Project can request another person be added to the Project Group. Being named in the Project Group guarantees you access to the Project, allows you to access certain functionality within the Project pages, and means that your Name and Organisation Name will be visible to all others named on the Project.

When you are added to a Project, your contact details can be made available to everyone else also listed on the Project, including those outside of your organisation. This can be be set as the default option, or you can choose whether to show your details on a Project by Project basis. If you are assigned to a Project, no-one on the Project will be able to see your details.

Keep in Touch?
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